Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Pied Noir Cookbook

A Pied Noir Cookbook This unique cookbook relates the story of the Pied Noir or “Black Feet,” Sephardic Jews from the North African nation of Algeria. The cuisine of the Pied Noir reflects a storied history: Expelled from Spain, and later forced to flee Algeria, their cookery was influenced by the nations they inhabited, as well as the trade routes that passed through these areas. Over the centuries, they collected recipes and flavors that came to form a unique and little-known culinary repertoire. The 85 recipes in this fascinating book are accompanied by a history of the Pied Noir and the story of the author’s family. A glossary of culinary terms and menus for Pied Noir feasts are also included.

Chantal Clabrough has a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from McGill University. She has lived and worked in Veracruz, Mexico where she taught English. She currently works as an event coordinator and freelance food writer in Montreal, Canada.

A Pied Noir Cookbook: French Sephardic Cuisine from Algieria
Chantal Clabrough
Hippocene Books, hardcover 100 pages, ISBN 0-7818-1082-5

Hippocene Books

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tea and Pomegranates

Tea and Pomegranates Nazneen Sheikh has lived among the kings and queens of Mughal food - in fact, they're family. Through tales of her Kashmiri relatives and the wonderful meals they have shared together, she brings alive the food-mad history and enduring culture of the Mughal people. Pink tea served in a samovar by her grandmother, a gift of wild black mushrooms from her matinee-idol uncle, her aunt Khush's secret recipe for Kashmiri hareesa - the sight, smell and taste of these and other delicacies infuse Nazneen's memories of her childhood. From entertaining Pakistani cabinet ministers to feasting to end Ramadan and picnicking in the countryside, Tea and Pomegranates is a culinary delight. In ten chapters, each accompanied by a rare and delicious Mughal recipe, Nazneen invites us to enjoy a banquet that starts at the break of day and ends at night. As captivating as a novel, this unique memoir takes the reader on a fascinating journey into a culture that never fails to celebrate the rich possibilities of food, life and love. A delightful sample chapter is available on the Penguin website.

"In Tea and Pomegranates, Nazneen Sheikh weaves past and present into a fascinating memoir. Her loom is the history of Kashmiri Mughal cuisine, her silks are the exotic, mouth-watering dishes of a privileged childhood. I wanted to run to the kitchen to try her recipes, but I couldn't put the book down." - James Chatto, author of The Greek for Love

Tea and Pomegranates: A Memoir of Food, Family and Kashmir
Nazneen Sheikh
Penguin Canada, Paperback, 224 pages, ISBN 0143017799

Penguin Canada

Friday, November 04, 2005

The White Stuff

Milk: Its Remarkable Contribution to Human Health and Well-Being Milk is the one food that sustains life and promotes growth in all newborn mammals, including the human infant. By its very nature, milk is nutritious. Despite this, it has received surprisingly little attention from those interested in the cultural impact of food. In this fascinating volume, Stuart Patton convincingly argues that milk has become of such importance and has so many health and cultural implications that everyone should have a basic understanding of it. This book provides this much-needed introduction.

The book has received positive reviews: "Knowledgeably written ... Milk is a scientifically researched and presented response to modern-day claims downplaying or even attacking the health of milk as a food. Unashamedly pro-dairy consumption, Milk backs its fervent emphasis upon the importance of regularly consuming dairy products as a part of a balanced diet with research, statistics, and modern scientific wisdom ..."-Bookwatch "... knowledge, broad background, and thoughtful scientific matter allow him to become the ultimate science based apologist for milk." - Journal of Dairy Science "Patton is one of the few scientists who has the understanding of all aspects of the dairy industry to write such a far-ranging book and he has done so marvelously ... This book presents clear and documented facts that will allow the reader to evaluate the radical claims made against the dairy industry by the animal rights activist movement. I would recommend this book as an enjoyable and informative read for anyone interested in nutrition, particularly their own." - Thomas W. Keenan, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Patton's approach to his subject is comprehensive. He begins with how milk is made in the lactating cell, and proceeds to the basics of cheese making and ice cream manufacture. He also gives extensive consideration to human milk, including breasts, lactation, and infant feeding. Pro and con arguments about the healthfulness of cows' milk are discussed at length and with documentation. Patton explores the growing gap between the public's impressions of milk, and known facts about milk and dairy foods. He argues that the layperson's understanding of milk has deteriorated as a result of propaganda from activists anxious to destroy milk's favorable image, misinformation in the media, and scare implications from medical research hypotheses. Stuart Patton is professor emeritus of food science at Pennsylvania State University. Milk: Its Remarkable Contribution to Human Health and Well-Being is a 'must' for any academic or public library collection on nutrition.

Milk: Its Remarkable Contribution to Human Health and Well-Being
Stuart Patton
Transaction Publishers
ISBN 1412805112

Transaction Publishers